Andy's Adventure Dino Pack


New and Exclusive! Andy's Adventures Dino Pack

If you've got a little dinosaur fan at home, you can't be without this fun-packed set! We love it because it has lots of different types of activities. Yes, there's lots to find out for dinosaur fact collectors - the card game is epic! Plus there are creative activities, a fun roleplay set, and a height chart for your wall.

Here's what you get...

  • Dinosaur card game with 4 fun games to play - includes 52 fact cards!
  • 3 x magazines.
    Learn facts with Over 100 Epic Dinos
    Make, do and build with Dino Creator 
    Lots of sticker fun with Danger Dinos!
  • A giant double-sided poster with fun facts and a cool height chart (they're huge!)
  • A playset with characters from Andy's Dinosaur Adventures - include's Andy's clock!
  • 300+ stickers!

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