Numberblocks Maths Programme

Numberblocks Maths Programme Set

There’s more to numbers than counting and sums! The Numberblocks Maths Programme will help your child discover the many different ways of thinking about and using numbers, from number names and numerals to number bonds, number patterns and more.

Your child can use these number skills to build good number sense, which can act as a solid foundation for maths success in the future.

The Numberblocks Maths Programme contains :-

  • Three magazines :-

Magazine 1 covers Numbers 1-5

Magazine 2 covers Numbers 6-10

Magazine 3 covers Numbers 11-20

  • Three big Numberblocks sticker sheets
  • 55 individual Numberblocks blocks to be used alongside the magazines
  • Gold stars to pop on the end of each page as a reward.
  • Special certificate to give to your child when then they complete the magazines.

You’ll also find posters, flashcards, number games, puzzles and activities that you can work through to engage your child and make numbers fun !

Please note: This item is limited to two per customer. 

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