Alphablocks Reading Programme


Exclusive ! - Alphablocks Reading Programme

This Reading Programme takes your child through learning to read with phonics!

Whether you want to support what your child does at school or get a head start with a younger child it will let them learn at their own pace so that they can learn to read and make words.

The pack contains 

  • 6 magazines
  • 5 big Alphablock sticker sheets
  • 108 letter tiles to use with the magazines
  • a gold star sticker sheet

There’s also special certificate to give to your child when they reach the end.

Just work through the magazines in order and you can’t go wrong. You’ll also find posters, flashcards, letter and word games, puzzles, activities all designed for young children to understand how they can use letter sounds to make words. There’s plenty of guidance for grown-ups throughout the programme as well as ideas for extra activities to try at home to make the learning fun!

Please note: Due to limited availability, this item is currently limited to two per customer. 

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