CBeebies Learn and Play Pack


Let your child's favourite CBeebies shows help them get ready for their first year at school!

The CBeebies Learn and Play Pack supports the EYFS curriculum, which is taught in every reception classroom in the UK. So, you can be confident this pack has everything you need to give your child a head start.

Plus, the activities feature the most popular CBeebies TV shows, including Numberblocks, Alphablocks, Hey Duggee, JoJo and Gran Gran, Waffle the Wonder Dog, Bing, Maddie's Do You Know? - and more! 

The CBeebies Learn and Play Pack features:

  • Five magazines – one for each of these learning areas: Maths, Language and Literacy, Finding Out, Being Creative and Feeling Good.
  • A box of 52 Tiny Task cards with a game of CBeebies Bugs Snap.
  • A certificate to complete.
  • A3 poster with 2 reward charts.
  • Six large sticker sheets including gold star rewards for every activity. 

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