Magnetic Words & Board Reception Year

Children will love learning essential vocabulary & writing skills whilst playing with this set of 45 magnetic first words

Activity Ideas:
Place the word tiles upside down and take turns to pick a piece up and read the word.
Use word tiles to make up a sentence and draw a picture for it underneath.
Jumble up a sentence and try to put it back into the correct order
Bingo: Give out 10 tiles to each player. One person calls out the words at random (use this pack as a guide). Each time a player has their word called they put it aside. The winner is the first to have all their words called. 
Hangman: Use the word tiles to choose the word and trace over the letter on the letter guide on each guess.
Storymaker: pick out 3 or more words and tell a story including these words.
Also available: Magnetic Words for Years 1-2 and Years 3-4

Age: 4-5 (20 x 24.5 cm, Pieces: 46)

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