Spoon Animals Kit

Kids will love turning these wooden spoons into super simple animal puppets. They can use the ‘how to’ leaflet to make a dog, cat, pig, cow, chicken or sheep or even create their own designs. As well as including everything you need to make those animals, there’s plenty of extra craft items like pom-poms, googly eyes and big felt sheets to let imaginations run wild.  Check out our Fun Flowers & Friends and Creepy Crawlies play kits for more ready-to-make crafts!

Not suitable for children under 4 years old.

Spoon Animals Kit.

Pack contains:
- Wooden Spoons
- Foam Shapes
- Felt Sheets
- Pipe Cleaners
- Pom-poms
- Feathers
- Googly Eyes
- Gems
- PVA Glue

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